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Insuraprise’s Healthcare Exchange is white-labeled for each client,
featuring a complete suite of products including:

Medicare Supplement Insurance
Insuraprise partners with the top providers across the country so its customers can enjoy Medicare supplement insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill "gaps" in Original Medicare coverage. Medigap policies only work with Original Medicare.

Medicare Part D Assistance
Insuraprise customers have access to the company Medicare Part D Portal, where they can list current prescriptions, including the dosages and the frequency with which they take each medication. Then one of our Medicare Prescription Plan Specialists will evaluate their needs and all of the options available to them and make recommendations that best fit your situation. This free service is only available to small-midsize organizations.

Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance
While Medicare Supplement Insurance is great covering the gaps in Original Medicare, it doesn’t cover issues that may arise with your smile, your eyes or your ears. Through its provider partners, Insuraprise both indemnity and PPO plans at an affordable rate to cover dental, vision and hearing problems.

Life Insurance
Final expense or “end of life” insurance is a whole life insurance plan that pays cash directly to beneficiaries to cover funeral expenses. Through a third party provider, Insuraprise offers these plans for ages 0-85, with protection up to 20,000.

Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance
Insuraprise partners with a third party insurer that provide a lump-sum benefit from $10,000 to $70,000 with three different coverages to choose from:
    1. Critical Illness cancer only
    2. Critical Illness without cancer—covers heart attack, stroke and end-stage renal failure
    3. Critical Illness with cancer—covers cancer, heart attack, stroke and end-stage renal failure

Medical Identity Theft Protection
PrivacyArmor by InfoArmor is a cost-effective but sophisticated solution for the complicated problem of identity theft and medical identity theft. PrivacyArmor includes elements that assess risk, deter identity theft, and detect fraud in its earliest stages. Should an identity be stolen, it also includes a high-tech and high-touch system for managing the restoration process and an Identity Theft Insurance Policy* for financial relief up to $25,000 for associated costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages.