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About Insuraprise

The Insuraprise solution helps large groups, corporations and state retirement programs manage and control retiree health care costs, while ensuring that Medicare-eligible retirees get the coverage and benefits they have earned. Employers can continue honoring their retiree commitments to health care while lowering costs and reducing long-term liabilities, helping to keep the organization financially sound. With Insuraprise, employers can transition any number of retirees from traditional group-based insurance policies to individualized policies with lower prices and better coverage. Our technology helps large organizations reduce annual expenditures by tens of millions of dollars and long-term liabilities by hundreds of millions.

Since its inception, Insuraprise has always sought out innovative ways to use technology to better serve customers. The company’s benefits portal has served up millions of comparative rate quotes for Medicare patients since its launch in 2010 and the rate quote engine has been an indispensable tool for insurance agents since 2008.

The Insuraprise Solution

In the current down economy, many HR departments are looking to reduce their bottomline expenses by rethinking their health insurance plans. Some are reducing benefits and raising employee costs, while others are dropping retiree coverage all together. Employers who do still want to continue to offer group Medicare Plans for their eligible employees and retirees face often insurmountable issues with spotty coverage, rising premiums, (Financial Accounting Standards Board) or (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) complications, and legislative changes with Medicare.

The Insuraprise Healthcare Exchange eliminates this painful problem.

The Insuraprise Healthcare Exchange features a complete suite of products including:

    1. Critical Illness cancer only
    2. Critical Illness without cancer—covers heart attack, stroke and end-stage renal failure
    3. Critical Illness with cancer—covers cancer, heart attack, stroke and end-stage renal failure