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About the Insuraprise Healthcare Exchange™

The easy-to-use Insuraprise Healthcare Exchange offers Medicare-eligible employees and retirees thousands of plan choices from the top insurance providers from coast to coast. This platform, created by Insuraprise and used by millions of retirees, provides information and quoting to allow retirees to choose from the spectrum of available Medicare Supplement Plans and other insurance products like Life Insurance and Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance.

Do you remember what it was like buying airline tickets before the Internet, calling each airline one by one, trying to comb through all the options to find a decent price? Thankfully today there are websites that create a competitive marketplace for airlines to compete for your business, which helps you find tickets cheaper, faster and easier.

What if something like this existed for Supplemental Medicare Insurance? Something that let you quickly see a lot of insurance plans, what they offer, what they cost, plus the ability to customize the best coverage for you.

Well, we thought of that. And that’s why we built Insuraprise. Insuraprise gives our customers options from all the major insurance carriers in every state. We’re the nation’s largest private Medicare exchange and we offer one-stop shopping for insurance comparison and purchase. We provide all the tools to help you make an informed decision, saving your retirees time and energy. We give you unbiased, guided choice and personalization in your plan, which insures that your plan is accepted by the doctors you want and covers the medications you need. We also offer Medicare Part D assistance, Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance and Medical Identity Theft Protection.

Stop wasting money with one-size-fits-all insurance. Come to Insuraprise and get the coverage that fits your company and your retirees.