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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of products do you offer?

The Insuraprise Healthcare Exchange features a complete suite of products including:

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Part D assistance
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance
  • Medical Identity Theft Protection

2. Do you offer health insurance in my state?

Absolutely. Insuraprise works with the leading health insurance providers in all 50 states, which helps provide coverage for large organizations with a dispersed workforce.

3. Do I have to go through my employer to get healthcare coverage?

No. Insuraprise’s services are open to any US citizen who is 65 years or older and eligible for Medicare.

4. Can I speak to a human instead of going through your website?

Of course. We have the best trained, most experienced, licensed staff in the country.
Call 855-363-3787 and an agent will be happy to assist you.